In order to make decisions that are appropriate in terms of the selection of media, periods and frequencies, Roldós makes use of all the precise tools for the correct external analysis of the advertiser (competition and target audience). These resources allow us to improve our capacity for negotiation in order to elaborate the best media planning in terms of cost per impact to get the most profitable strategy.

INFOADEX: Give us the information about the competitors, where (which media mix) , when (periods), how much they invest in each media.
TOM MICRO: Tool feed from EGM which let us elaborate a planning with the correct pressure to get a profitable campaign.
EGM: This is an annual study which give us the information about media consumption of the population. Questionnaire to 32.500 Spanish people older than 14 years old.
GEOMEX: This tool is for outdoor medium, give us coverage information about the different panel packs. (GRP’s. OTS, …).
AIMC: It’s an annual study which gives us information about the brands consumption.
KANTAR MEDIA: Gives us the precise data of TV audiences, to know which is the best channel, program ore time table to catch our target in a profitable way.


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